GrowthRing & Supply 10th Anniversary Collaborative | Boundless Needless

GrowthRing & Supply 10th Anniversary Collaborative | Boundless Needless

Year of Dragon Popup Store

GRS and Needless are thrilled to announce their collaboration for the highly anticipated Year of Dragon Popup Store. Following a two-year hiatus, this collaboration aims to uplift spirits during the Lunar New Year period and has become a yearly tradition. This year's concept revolves around the fusion of traditional cultures, showcasing the rich heritage of Hong Kong and its integration with other regional influences.

The highlight of the collaboration is the Sashiko Indigo Collection, inspired by the traditional Japanese fabric art of Sashiko. This collection features a range of indigo garments, including a Kung Fu Jacket that combines Sashiko and Western style, a workwear vest, rope martial arts trousers, and GRS's popular hand-quilted "九⿓" caps and heavyweight hoodies. Notably, the clothing undergoes Sashiko and Boro dyeing techniques, resulting in a unique and natural "color fading" effect over time.

In addition to the clothing collection, the Year of Dragon Popup Store will also feature an exhibition showcasing an indigo Sashiko-made awakening lion, paying homage to the traditional lion dance culture. Furthermore, a 1989 Defender 90, refurbished with indigo Sashiko and Boro fabric accents, will be on display, symbolizing the historical connection between the lion dance performances and the British Leyland trucks used for transportation.

The collaboration aligns with GRS's ten-year anniversary project theme, "Rediscover Our Golden Era." By embracing cultural collaborations, GRS aims to explore and celebrate Hong Kong's new golden era in various forms.

The Year of Dragon Popup Store will be open for a limited period, offering a range of exclusive products, including the GRS x Needless Sashiko Indigo Collection. Customers are encouraged to visit the store early, as all styles will be available in limited quantities on a first-come, first-served basis.

Stay tuned for updates on the release of GRS's Dragon Year limited-edition items. For more information, please visit our official channels and follow us on social media.

Boundless Needless Dragon Lion Dancing

Date : 2 February, 2024
Time : 7pm - 10pm (Private Event)
Location :54 Sai Street, Sheung Wan

Year of Dragon Popup Store

Date : 3 - 9 February, 2024
TIme : 12noon - 8pm (Open to Public)
Location :54 Sai Street, Sheung Wan

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