Flora Kwong

Founder of Major Pop Limited and WOW Music. Flora has committed to the record industry for decade, and has worked for Rock Records, AvesTrax, Polygram, Beijing Dadi and many other recording companies in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, She was also a member of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council's Film and Television Entertainment Advisory Committee,  the Advisory Committee of Create Hong Kong, and a member of the International Phonographic Industry Association (Hong Kong Association). She found Major Pop in order to inherit the development of music and art. She is devoted to break the boundaries and associate with the growth of the new generation through music and art. 

She’s in the scene of holding large-scale concerts and exhibitions featuring artists from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan since 2002, including outdoor marathon concert “Wild Day Out”, and the annual events associated with the Hong Kong Tourism Board. Collaborated singers including Karen Mok, Endy Chow, Chet Lam, Kandy Wong, Sugar Club, Candy Lo, Louis Cheung, Josie Ho, Yoga Lin, Fahrenheit, Cheer Chen, Tanya Chua, S.H.E, Mavis Fan, Sodagreen, Wu Bai, Crowd Lu, Peggy Hsu, Shin, Lala Hsu, Olivia Ong, Prince Chiu, Plastic Tree, MUCC and more. Managed events including 852FES, JMJ Charity Concert, Green Live, Esport Music Festival Hong Kong, Kirin Summer Feast, San Miguel Festival, AIA Events, Manulife Events, MetLife Events, Daikin Events, “Serve The Rock” Exhibition at Beijing 798 and more.