Into the Floobiverse 進入馬特的FLOOB色彩世界

Into the Floobiverse 進入馬特的FLOOB色彩世界

DATE 日期 : 17/11 – 4/12
Opening time 畫廊營業時間
SUN - WED 周日至周三 12:00 - 18:00 FREE ENTRY 免費觀展
THU - SAT 周四至周六 12:00 – 22:00 RSVP ONLY 只限登記賓客

*Opening time may adjust subject to events 營業時間或因不同活動而調整

Address: G/F, 54 Sai Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
地址: 香港上環西街54號地下


<Into the Floobiverse>
Matt Wills

<進入馬特的FLOOB色彩世界 >

Art was always my favourite subject in school, and I wanted to go to art school for university. BUT, one of my friends was a very talented artist, so I was always #2 in art class, which dispirited me. I felt like I would never be good enough, so I gave up my dream and studied psychology and philosophy at university (which I do not regret - I was fascinated by both subjects). I came to Japan when I was 24 years old and fell in love with Asia. I had always kept as a hobby, but I was working as a teacher and I couldn’t shake the feeling I wanted to do something artistic with my life. Finally when I was 33 years old, I finally made the decision to stop comparing myself to other people and start a career in art. I called my father and he lent me enough money to enroll in design school. Since then, I have been designing and doing digital art every day.

藝術一直是我在學校最喜歡的科目,我想去藝術學校上大學。 但是,我的一個朋友是一位非常有才華的藝術家,所以我在藝術課上總是排名第二,這讓我很沮喪。 我覺得自己永遠都不夠好,所以我放棄了自己的夢想,在大學學習了心理學和哲學(我並不後悔——我對這兩門學科都很著迷)。 24歲時來到日本,愛上了亞洲。 我一直把藝術創作當作一種愛好,當時的我是一名教師,我無法擺脫一種感覺, 一直想著要用我的生命去創造藝術。 終於,在我 33 歲的時候,我終於下定決心停止與他人比較,開始全心全力從事藝術事業。 我打一則電話給我的父親,向他借給我足夠的錢讓我進入設計學校。 從那以後,我每天都在設計和做數字藝術, 每天都在珍重每個藝術創作的機會。

In 2013,  I decided to take a risk and give up my teaching income to try to become a full time designer, but it was very hard to find internships in Japan. Finally I found an internship in China, and left Japan, my life, and my friends, to follow this dream. The internship was terrible, but I was very lucky and quickly progressed in my career, and 5 years later I became the Creative Director of Dark Horse Comics. Finally I decided to start my own studio, and I spent a lot of time developing artwork for my own character, “Floob”. Now my dream is to make beautiful artwork with Floob and his friends that everyone can enjoy.

2013年,我決定冒險放棄教學收入,嘗試成為一名全職設計師,但在日本很難找到實習機會。 終於我在中國找到了一份實習,離開了日本,離開了我的生活,離開了我的朋友,去追尋這個夢想。 實習很糟糕,但我很幸運,事業上進步很快,5年後我成為了黑馬漫畫的創意總監。 最後我決定創辦自己的工作室,我花了很多時間為自己的角色“Floob”創作不同的藝術作品。 現在我的夢想是與 Floob 和他的朋友們一起製作每個人都可以享受的藝術作品。

I have experimented with many different styles of art throughout my life. From cartooning, to realistic sketching, to oil painting, to abstract art, to various types of digital art, to pop art. As my career developed, and the cultural influences of Asia changed me, and as I returned to my childhood fascination with pop culture, my art became more and more colorful and clear. I also take inspiration from the street art (graffiti) in countries like Mexico and Brazil, which is also very colorful. I continue to experiment with different styles, so my portfolio is not as consistent as many other artists, but my core style is bright, colorful, playful, optimistic and funny.

在我的一生中,我嘗試過許多不同風格的藝術。 從漫畫到寫實素描,再到油畫,再到抽象藝術,再到各種類型的數字藝術,再到波普藝術。 隨著我事業的發展,亞洲的文化影響改變了我,當我回到童年對流行文化的迷戀時,我的藝術變得越來越豐富多彩和清晰。 我還從墨西哥和巴西等國家的街頭藝術(塗鴉)中汲取靈感,它們也非常豐富多彩。 我不斷嘗試不同的風格,所以我的作品集不像許多其他藝術家那樣一致,但我的核心風格是明亮、多彩、俏皮、樂觀和有趣。 

Pop culture is my biggest influence. I love so many popular characters and their different art styles, including: the Simpsons, Garfield, Nintendo characters, Marvel and DC characters (especially Superman, Spiderman and Batman), Star Wars, Rick and Morty…. I’m also inspired by both classical fine art and modern design and illustration styles. One thing I love about pop culture is the storytelling, which is what inspired me to develop a whole family of characters based on my original character “Floob” and create a whole “paint universe” for them to live in, with original scenery and magical properties. It also inspired me to write - I created very elaborate personality profiles for every character that mirror classical archetypes.

流行文化是我最大的影響。 我喜歡這麼多受歡迎的角色和他們不同的藝術風格,包括:辛普森一家、加菲貓、任天堂角色、漫威和 DC 角色(尤其是超人、蜘蛛俠和蝙蝠俠)、星球大戰、瑞克和莫蒂…… 我也受到古典美術和現代設計和插圖風格的啟發。 我喜歡流行文化的一件事是講故事,這啟發了我在我原來的角色“Floob”的基礎上開發了一個完整的角色系列,並為他們創造了一個完整的繪畫宇宙,讓他們生活在原始的風景和神奇的世界中 特性。 它也激發了我寫作的靈感——我為每個反映古典原型的角色創建了非常詳盡的個性設置。

I love pop art. It is very colorful and vibrant and DEMOCRATIC - everyone can understand and relate to pop culture. When I was a child, I spent hours copying artwork from my favorite cartoon characters, and I have been sketching crazy, original characters my whole life. Characters have personalities that everyone can feel and respond to, and I want people of all ages (from children to older pop-culture enthusiasts) to enjoy my artwork. I reject the exclusivity of the fine art world.

我喜歡波普藝術。 它非常豐富多彩、充滿活力和民主——每個人都可以理解流行文化並與之相關。 當我還是個孩子的時候,我花了幾個小時複制我最喜歡的卡通人物的作品,我一生都在畫瘋狂的原創人物。 人物有每個人都能感受到和回應的個性,我希望所有年齡段的人(從兒童到年長的流行文化愛好者)都能享受我的作品。 我認為藝術創作是廣闊的。

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