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The End Concert

THE END x BeCandle 80g Vegetal Scented Candle

THE END x BeCandle 80g Vegetal Scented Candle

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是次演唱會更與香港本地蠟燭品牌 BeCandle 合作推出 The End 限定蠟燭。森林的氣息,配搭柑橘、胡椒和皮革等獨特香味。隨意卻充滿格調;伴一本引人深思的好書!

香調 :柑橘 , 佛手柑 , 胡椒 , 茉莉 , 花梨木 , 紫羅蘭 , 皮革 , 雪松 , 香根草

The collection has included an exclusive with BeCandle and leveled up with the thematically aesthetic. Combining woody scents with fun accents of citrus, pepper and leather, Legno is casual sophisticatio. Light this while reading a thought-provoking book to fulfill the epicurean fantasy.

Scent Notes: Citrus, bergamot, pepper, jasmine, rosewood, violet, leather, cedarwood, vetiver



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